Who I am and why I am here

Why Dirt Road Nightingale? Well… it fits me. I love dirt roads, small towns and living in a small town in southwest Iowa. Born here in Iowa, raised here in Iowa, and raising my family here. I am a Nightingale because my chosen career is nursing. I love it, it is in my blood. I love everything about taking care of others, helping them with their health and educating others on how to be the best they can be. What can be better than taking care of others?

I have long been a fan of writing, I love to read and I love to follow bloggers. I think that is why I am giving this a shot. But to be fair.. I better come clean and say I have tried and failed this once before. I have always wanted to be brave enough to put my thoughts on a blog. But…. as I have sat typing before I have thought- who would want to read this? What could I possibly have to share and contribute?
So… it is rough, and I am green but I might as well give this a whirl. I don’t exactly lead a boring life, it is in fact very busy. My kids, bless their hearts, keep me busy driving the mom bus. I taxi them here and there day after day and week after week. I cheer in tournaments and games and every activity you can possibly think of. But that is a story I will save for another day.
My husband, who manages farms throughout south west Iowa, will give me countless thing to talk about through blog posts as well. He has taught me the value of hard work and respect of those who take care of the beautiful state I live in.
So this is just my introduction, it is brief but I will tell my story the best way I can. Bear with me- I am just learning! 🙂


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