Iowa summer sights 2015, Willow township

Iowa brings a lot of beautiful things in the summer. Beautiful sunsets, the sound of the grasshoppers in the fields, the smell and sound (yea sound) of corn growing. For me summer in Iowa also means a break from routine and a chance to get out and explore. Like I had said in my previous post, my goal is to get my children out this summer and give them an opportunity to see some Iowa sights. The second stop we made was to the Willow township cemetery where many generations of my family are buried and where my Great Grandfather Edwin Adamson’s one room school-house still stands. I love history especially family history so what a great opportunity to show my children their roots.

The day was beautiful. Sun shining, no humidity and no rain, a first for us in a long time. We went to the cemetery on the Wednesday just after Memorial Day. I was able to easily find my Grandparents graves and right next to them my great aunt and uncle. I do know that there are many generations across the road in the “old cemetery” part as well, but I could not identify them or begin to know where to look. But I know they are there, and it is fun to walk among the headstones and try to identify family names I have heard growing up. My second cousin also has two children buried here. I always make a stop to see several other family friend graves as well. Walking through and seeing names so easily recognized as part of my past. Sheer, Burkhart, Smith, Shirbroun, Huffaker, all names I have stories and history with. What a great thing to show my kids. The school house shown above is the one my great grandfather attended. As the story goes it was used as a voting place for a period of time and it was then they added the handicapped accessible ramp. It is now not being used at all. Locked up we were unable to go inside but I have been told the original chalkboard is still hanging, the old voting machine is still in there and walking in is like going back in time. I wish we would have gone in.

The first two stops of summer have brought back good memories for me. I can only hope my kids (2 of the 3 were able to go) can look back and have happy memories as well.

Until the next adventure happy summer!


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