Throwback Thursday photo, Deep Sea Fishing


 I love this picture. Always have….

I love the color of the sun rising, the calmness of the water in the channel before we headed into the gulf. This was taken on our first trip to Florida in 2012. I had booked a deep sea fishing adventure for the boys and I. Turns out I loved it as much as they did!

Nothing major was caught… Small fish called snook, a baby hammerhead shark… But it was fun. And calm. And peaceful. An experience which to me… Is what life is all about. My kids experienced the art of deep sea fishing that day. I experienced it too. I would do it again and again…

Pictures like this remind me to take time to take notice. Of what is around me, to notice our beautiful planet with live on. It reminds me of the joy of experiencing… and living.. LIFE! What a gift, use each day wisely and fully.

Happy Thursday and thank you for walking down memory lane with me again!   


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