Happy weekend! It’s basically Thanksgiving at my house…..

I think it the closest thing to a perfect weekend at my house this weekend. After a rough night of football last night I got to sleep in this morning followed by an appointment to have my nails done…. wait for it…. wait for it….. ALONE. Just me. Me and no one else. Me sipping iced tea while I talked about pointless things with my manicurist while I had my nails painted in festive black and gold for our upcoming Homecoming week. It was heaven.

When I got home we had agreed to clean out the freezer in preparation for our next beef that is due to arrive in November. Since we had a larger frozen turkey in there from last year, we decided to make it this weekend to make space in the deep freeze. So…. the turkey was thawed this week, cleaned and put in the roaster for a Thanksgiving dinner on a weekend in early October. It smells so good…..

This brings me to why this is the perfect weekend reason #2, we are planning a family dinner all of us at home tonight. Mashed red potatoes, turkey, dressing, green beans… the works. I look forward to eating together and having time as a family since most days we are all going in different directions. Even tonight- after our dinner… we will part ways. One son off to a party, another off to help with harvest, my daughter and I off to the movies with a friend of hers. My husband off to watch football. The time together at dinner is so special and precious to me. There is something about bonding over food with family.

So … it is Thanksgiving at my house. I am thankful for so much, the food we have, the family I am blessed with, the money we are blessed to have, the jobs we are fortunate to have. I am blessed with an education, and income, health and family. What more could a girl ask for?

Now… on to another thought (off subject of course) … when I was at Wal-Mart picking up a few things in preparation of our Thanksgiving in October, I went to check out the Pioneer Woman line of products I have been anxiously awaiting. The are always sold out! Here is what I had to choose from! Why don’t I just shop online…..

I did manage to pick up a couple of her spatulas and measuring spoons but I was so bummed to not be able to check more out. I love her line! I am keeping my fingers crossed for her cutting board, knives and her beverage tub with 2 beverage holders. ADORABLE!

I hope everyone is having as perfect of a weekend as mine. Tomorrow I am off to mass and teach Sunday school, then home for leftovers and 2 boys are off to football and one off to basketball. I am hoping to get apple crisp made if possible.

(Side note before finishing this post I want to add that my daughter and I saw Hotel Transylvania tonight at the movies. It was so cute! I would have to venture to say better than #1 even. A must see for those with young children and it had some great adult humor as well. It was worth the trip to the theater for sure).

Have a great rest of the weekend.



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