Fall is here…you can tell by my hair color 😀

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My hair is finally the auburn and chestnut colors that are the tell-tale hint that fall has arrived. This is… By far… one of my favorite times of the year.

Farmers in the fields, football, crisp air, turning leaves, scarves, boots, apples and pumpkins all signify the change in seasons… And so does my hair color.

  Those who know me know I go pretty blonde in the summer. Yes it takes a lot of bleach but it does accentuate my tan (at least I believe it does). Once that tan is gone, so is the blonde. I LOVE that my stylist is willing to play with color and add the red too.

Plus it helps push me along when I get my Ipsy products and they are all fall based browns as well! Eeek! It all means fall has arrived! If you want to hear more about that click here September Ipsy Bag

Admittedly I change a few things when fall arrives. I love fall decor, so my burlap pumpkins made by my grandma go up, my fall garland and Halloween decorations find their place, my burlap jack-o-lantern table runner goes on my table. Fall candles replace summer scents, even my cooking changes as the season changes. I love the comfort foods of the cooler months. More baking, more soups and stews… I have even made chili already!

What things signify the change in seasons for you? What things change in your home? Work? Beauty routine? How does your cooking change? What traditions do you have?

I am happy to welcome in this change in seasons. The months of October through December are some of the most rewarding to me. The family time the holiday season brings, the smells, the sports, all fill me with a sense of family. I can even admit (secretively) that this time of year I have been known to listen to a Christmas song or two.. I love the memories those songs bring to mind. Don’t call me crazy, just nostalgic!

So here’s to fall scents, fall smells, fall cooking, and fall hair color! Enjoy the season along with me… and savor it before it is gone.


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