October Ipsy glam bag

I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I love the day my glam bag arrives!

And to be honest I haven’t even tried on the products in my September bag. But I can tell you I’m trying this night cream I got back in August tonight, that tells you how far behind I am!

But truthfully, when you gut and redo your bathroom in the course in the summer most of these things get packed away in a box and you forget about them. This is what happened to me. So I will catch up, I promise!

This is what I got…. I have the link to each listed below. And I must note that the fact that I got a pumpkin mask in October probably excites me more than anything 😉

It cosmetics hello lashes It cosmetics at Ulta

Update! I have been using this and think it is kind of “eh”. Don’t hate and don’t love. No clumping but if you prefer thicker mascara that makes your lashes fuller… then this is not for you. 

Meet Matte Hughes Liquid lipstick (I can’t wait to try this one~ it came in the color “committed” which looks very neutral Meet Matte Hughes

Emite professional tweezers (eek!) Emite

Eva-Nyc hair mask Eva-Nyc at Ulta

and the one I am MOST excited about simply because the word pumpkin is in the name…..

Peter Lamas exfoliating pumpkin facial scrub Peter Lamas scrub at Sephora

Update- LOVED this mask! I used it until i could not squeeze out another drop. Fragrant is mild and the mask was awesome in polishing skin. I would buy this again for sure.

I swear I will get to trying some of these things soon I simply forget I have them and like I said this summer we remodeled the bathroom and had all my samples packed away until everything was done. Time to get them all back out.

Have a great weekend! We are in Omaha this weekend for a basketball tournament for Tyler and his traveling team, so it is more bleacher time for this girl.




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