Thoughts on time alone

I think that those who follow me have pretty much figured out that I do not get a whole lot of time alone. I am with a child, or two, or three most of the time. I think wait… I KNOW that I deserve this once in a while. But I am constantly around kids so my time alone is precious to me.

I really do not have a “space” of my own in my home. Each room is taken by a kid (or two since we have a foreign exchange student now) but I often times have time alone in my living room at night while the boys are watching football downstairs and my daughter is in bed. It is in this time that I realize that this will one day be my norm? I dread that day.

I know that in 2 years Nate will move on, Ty in 5 and eventually Addie in 10 years. I am trying to implement more me time once in a while so that this is not such a shock when that time comes. I think that will be one of the hardest things I will have to manage…. time alone? In the hours, days months and years until that comes, I hope to fill my days with as many experiences as I can with my children. Enjoy them while I have them.

There is a man at church that is elderly that I see every Sunday siting alone. He is there, in the same pew, by himself week after week after week. I noticed him for a while… and then I decided to change that.  I started dragging my family to his pew. I introduced myself. I introduced my husband. I introduced my children. He now jokingly saves my seat. Now he looks for us.  My kids greet him. We are his happy moment. He lights up when we greet him. He tells me how blessed I am and what a nice family I have.

I tell him thank you. I ask him about his family. I think about when I am alone and my spouse is gone (as his is) will someone do this for me?

What I am getting at. Time alone can be a blessing. Time alone can be a curse. I need more time alone, he needs less. Balance in life is so good.

If you see someone alone ….someone who is always alone… be their someone. Just because you are needing more time without others does not mean that other person needs time alone. I enjoy visiting with my “friend” weekly at mass. It fills my bucket, and I know it fills his. He walks away knowing he is cared about. He is noticed, he is someone worth seeing. I walk away knowing I gave my free time away, but for someone who needed it.

Do I need more time alone? probably. It will come though. I surround myself with others now because I know that time is precious. I pray for those who have no one, and I thank God for my loved ones who surround me and uplift me with their presence every day.

Now, I better go…. I have 3 kids calling my name. Boy- I am so blessed.


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