I saw this today and found it so incredibly appropriate. Recently I have had to struggle with decisions I have made whether it be at home, at school or in my personal life. I have struggled with how things have turned out in situations and how people were affected by what I may have (or have not) said. Then I came across this….. and this is so.very.true.

Sometimes the why something happened is not as important as the fact that it actually happened. Maybe things happen for a reason. A confrontation, a friend who walks away, a relationship ending.

It all happens I think because it is SUPPOSED to. Faith is a huge part of our lives and if we believe that something happened for a reason, I find… at least for myself that is easier to let go.

Anyway- I am sharing this because I came across it after a recent confrontation I had at work. And although the coworker and I are strained and still have a relationship…. I know that it will never be what it was.

I hope you are able to let go of what things have a hold on you, and find peace in decisions you have made. I am finally getting to that point, and it makes life a far more healthy and happy place to be.



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