Beauty of Christmas

I love this time of year! The sights, sounds and smells of Christmas are some of my favorite things ever! I cannot think of anything better than the food, decorations, smells and sights of Christmas.

My church hosts a festival of trees every Christmas season. The trees are decorated by community organizations, youth clubs and churches. It is literally one of my favorite things to go and see every holiday season. My daughter and I have made it a tradition to go together and look at the trees. I think they are beautiful.

This is the tallest tree in the parish center and it is the one decorated by my church. It is one of my favorite 🙂

My other favorite part of the Festival of trees is the cookies and cider at the end of the tour. We are able to sit and look at the trees, listen to the Christmas music and spend time enjoying the season and remembering the true meaning of the holiday together. I LOVE this time with my daughter.

The other favorite thing we see is the memory tree. This is a tree decorated in honor of those that we love and have lost. We fill out an ornament in memory of my grandparents every year, and in turn take a memory ornament that is crocheted by the church women to hang on our tree in honor of those we have lost. In our own special way, it is a way to remember those who are in heaven that we no longer have with us during the holiday.

Addie enjoying the cider and cookies with mom after our tour.

We have lots of other traditions in my home over the holidays. We have a tree upstairs that has my childrens ornaments from over the years. They get one from us every year that signifies something they did over the course of the year. When they move out they will take these ornaments with them. It is covered with everything from the babies first Christmas ornaments they had their first Christmas to Teletubbies, Bob the Builder, and everything in between as they grew up.

Our downstairs tree has the ornaments I had growing up on it. My babies first Christmas and all the ornaments the kids have made me over the years. This is another tradition we have in our home.

Our community is decorated beautifully in our downtown. The whole main street is covered in white lights and it is especially beautiful when it snows. It is gorgeous to take a drive downtown for the Christmas season. The cover photo is my daughter and our foreign exchange student standing downtown for the grand lighting ceremony earlier this month. This too is another tradition in our home along with attending the grand lighting and lighted parade downtown that they have every year.

What traditions do you have? We have many more but these are the first that come to mind. I hope you find the season as beautiful and peaceful as I do. Take time to enjoy the season, it is one of the best times of the year…..


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