Year end wrap up-2015 ðŸŽ‰

What a year! Did I do everything on my list for the year? No… but I DID accomplish several things on my bucket list and I did meet some of my personal goals. This is a mark in the positive category for me for sure…

January start of the new year. New goals, new expectations, new resolutions. I set goals to read more, travel more and take more time enjoying my children. This was something important to me since I have one graduating in 2 years. And looking back.. I accomplished these goals and for that I am so proud of myself!

February- no new things accomplished. Surviving winter in Iowa. Made plans for spring break trip to Florida. Planning family trips in the last years with my children is such a huge thing for me. I want to share as much with them as I can before they are gone.

March- Spring brought new opportunities. We let Tyler try out for travelling basketball. A huge step for him. He LOVES the sport. The financial investment and time investment was a big one. Were we ready? Was he? I was so uncertain but wanted my son to have this opportunity. I let him try out… he made it. And this was a GREAT opportunity for him. He grew so much as a player having this opportunity.

We headed to Florida this month. Another longggg road trip for the family. Which is exactly.what.I.wanted. We needed another opportunity to bond over miles. We went to Florida for a week and I accomplished one major thing off my bucket list! I wanted to take my kids parasailing. We went together and it was without a doubt one of these once in a lifetime opportunities. I had a ball. The boys and I will never forget that time together.

 April- basketball ramps up. We start traveling team. Hours of practice and  back and forth drives. Clint starts a new planting season for farm management. He gets busier with work, I get busier with kids.

May- end of school, we start travelling. We head to Wichita, Kansas and Omaha Nebraska, Bellevue and Lincoln following Tyler and the Western Iowa Express Blue team in basketball. What a fun time. I absolutely love being my sons favorite fan.

June- Nate ramps up show season and starts showing cattle. We watch him show in the Junior Angus show on Facetime while sitting in the bleachers in Wichita. He does well. I am so proud of them both. Addie has dance recital and rocked it on stage as a ballerina and tap dancer! We start the summer of Iowa experiences! 

July- Lake time after basketball season wrapped up. Spent time boating and enjoying our family cabin at Twin. Nice to have time to hang out and have the boys’ friends to one of their favorite places on earth. This is a place we wish we had more time at. Lake time is where I spent my summers growing up. Tubing, skiing and 4th of July fireworks over the lake are some of my favorite memories. Fair time is here. Nate is busy showing steers. Addie and I are busy with Clover Kids. We camp at the fair all week.

August- super busy month. I head to Ohio with mom. Longaberger experience off her bucket list… and mine. Another new years goal accomplished. We accept and take in a foreign exchange student from Taiwan, football starts and school starts. We welcome Leo into our home just as we finish a full renovation to our bathroom (yes.. we hired someone who gutted and redid the upstairs bathroom- what a project!). Life starts to return to normal and other than a few stray tournaments… we wrap up travelling basketball season. Some camps are attended and I head back to work full time.

September- football season is in full swing and we are back on the road for both boys games. Addie starts up dance and we learn a new normal. September means getting accustomed to being back at work. It means Clint gets busier.. and so do the kids. We head to 8th grade football games for Ty, JV for Leo and Varsity for Nate. 3 nights a week at football.

October- Football wraps up and we have a breather before wrestling and basketball. Birthday season begins with Ty and Addie having parties. Ty had an overnight, Addie had a bowling party. Tyler turns 14 and (sigh) he starts to DRIVE. What a change. Time flies. Harvest is in swing and so Clint is busier. Leo experiences Harvest and rides in a combine.


November- big family wedding for Clint’s brother Chris. We spend 3 days in Des. Moines over Thanksgiving weekend. Leo starts.. and stops swimming. Nate starts wrestling and Ty starts travelling basketball and school basketball. Addie starts ballet, tap, tumbling and now a new addition… jazz. I head to a girls weekend in Nashville (what fun!).

December- we wrap up the year with a bang. We say goodbye to Leo… we decorate for the holidays and we look toward new year and new goals for the upcoming year.

I am wishing you much happiness, health, and love in 2016. Thanks for reading this quick recap of our year. We had such a good one!




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