My bucket list for 2016 (and beyond)….

Soo… I think having a “bucket list” is so important. I also believe that it can be modified at any time. Things can be added and taken away. Things can be changed, molded, expanded upon and minimized. That is the beauty of a bucket list. So today … this day… this is MY list. Some I have achieved and some I have not. I reserve the right to change, modify and add or delete at any time. 🙂

I also want to add that posting this today… on the last few days of me being in my 30’s… is NOT a coincidence. I have so many life experiences I can look back on in the past 39 year that are huge victories for me. I also have some failures. But today I am doing one thing on my list I have wanted to do for the past 5 year. I am FINALLY getting the tatoo I have always wanted to get… but have been afraid to get, or have not made time to get. So today, by the end of the night I can say my appointment is done and I have checked yet another item off my list. So wish me luck! I am making the most of EVERY last minute of my 30’s!

My list of things to accomplish: (in 2016 and beyond)

*Highlighted items have been accomplished

Go to a musical with Addie

Get the tattoo I have always wanted

Take a girls weekend with my mom, sister, daughter and niece

Hold another lake weekend

Further my education

Take another road trip with my family

Go on a cruise

Take a helicopter tour

See Hawaii

Travel to the USS Iowa in honor of my grandfather, Leo

Get strong enough to slalom ski again

Take Addie to the Blue Bunny headquarters she has wanted to go see

Complete a 5K… running, not walking

Learn how to cook a beef brisket

See my sisters new house

Attend a wine tasting

Visit the east coast (Maine, Niagara Falls etc)

Give up pop for a month

Take my kids horseback riding at Jester Park

Eat at 5 new restaurants, HuHot, Runza, Cowboy Jacks,

Print off pictures of Nate for graduation

Clean out store room (yikes)

Make a new kind of cookie

Take more pictures with my DSLR

Use Instagram more

Write 20 blog posts this year (2016)

Pay it forward somehow- pay for someones meal? Donate?

Take Tyler alone to play basketball with me again

Take the kids to an ISU basketball game

Take the boys to see Cowboys stadium (a dream for them!)

Travel to New York

Read at least 3 books this year, The Wedding Dress, Miller’s Valley

Take the kids (one or all) fishing

Take the kids on a hike

Go have lunch with Lynn and Michelle- WC friends from way back

Go on a Segway tour

Make sure Addie gets to Washington DC like her brothers

See the Longaberger factory with mom (accomplished in 2015 but was on the list)

Go parasailing (accomplished in 2015 but was on the list)

Have a spa day

Have at least 3 date nights with Clint in 2016 (no kids!)

Get new flooring throughout upstairs of our house ($$$)

See the American Gothic house in Iowa

Take Nate on a college visit- 2 done, 3 more scheduled!

Zipline (accomplished in 2013)

Take Clint back to SD where he went with his dad (accomplished in 2013)

See at least 2 new Iowa sights this summer we have not been to before (not including Blue Bunny)

Complete sponsor couple training

Updated with highlights 2/26/2016

Updated 6/16/2016
























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