It’s tatoo time!! On turning 40…


I turned 40! I got a tattoo! I crossed an item off my bucket list that I always wanted to do and made my 40th birthday one I will ALWAYS remember. I have no regrets and I love what I chose.

My tattoo was one I have wanted since my 20’s. I am so happy I waited to get it done though, because by the time I finally did get it, I really knew what I wanted and I really knew where I was going with it. The cross symbolizes my faith, the heartbeat (or in the medical world the QRS complex) represents the career I chose and the people I have helped along the way. I remember the patients I have sat with when they had their last heartbeat and the ones I have brought back and restarted their heartbeat. I am so proud of what I do. Last, but certainly not least, the three hearts represent my 3 children. These are my reason to live fully and love fully. I am so proud of the individuals they have become.

I have been asked- is turning 40 a tough one? And you know what? It isn’t! I think because I was in a much worse position in my life at 30 than I am now. Without going into detail. I was not where I wanted to be, lost in where I was headed and not comfortable with where I was. It makes 40 seem so awesome. I am happy. I am blessed. I have a wonderful husband, kids, support system, family, faith, job, and friends. I could go on and on and on. I am one word… CONTENT. Why would 40 be difficult? What do I have to complain about?

I think I have learned as I go into the next phase of my life to quit looking at the past, worrying about the future. I focus on the NOW. I have so much to be thankful for. I am without a doubt, in one of the most stress free periods of my life. I am settled… and that is so GOOD.

 I have a bucket list I chip away at. I add to it and change it as I go. I have things I can look back at in my 30’s and say I did. I parasailed, zip lined, got a tattoo, travelled overseas, had children, got married, established myself in my career. Yes, there are things I still want to do, and yes I will get there. But for now I am happy with how my 30’s were spent. No regrets!

 So here is to turning 40!! May it be the best decade of my life. Cheers! 🍷


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