January AND February Ipsy bag


My January fail! I do like the brown eyebrow pencil tho…..



I have been awful about blogging these past few weeks. Terrible actually. It is just that I have been so busy! Between wrapping up basketball and wrestling and planning for vacation plus full time work I have been swamped. So this will be brief… but I will do my best!

I cannot say much about my January Ipsy bag because, well….. I am already using the products I received so they are mixed into my drawer of samples. I CAN say however that the chapstick has been good. I believe for every one sold they donate to a cause but what cause and how much I cannot say. So I will have to move on. Ugh! So sorry to fail so miserably on January.

February– this is what I got:

Jersey Shore Spa Lip and Hand polish in vanilla bean. Link is here: Lip and Hand polish

(I actually tried this tonight… I like it in an odd sort of way, it was nice and felt good on my hands, not so much on my lips with its strange flavor. I would like it occasionally but not every day)

Smashbox photo finish primer oil. Link is here: Smashbox oil

(LOVE this! I used it a couple days and then my Younique primer arrived so I am saving it for when I need travel size, but I loved it and was very pleased with it as a primer for my makeup. Thumbs up!)

Luxie flat definer eyeshadow brush: Luxie brushes

Jo’rel Parker eau d parfume: Jo’rel Parker

(So far so good. Light, spring like. Not too heavy. Kind of flowery… but not too heavy, I would wear it…)

Paula Dorf Enhancer for Eyes, “Baby Eyes”: Paula Dorf

(This is used as an eye enhancer for the eyes to make them appear wider, I have not tried this yet because I honestly forgot it came. BUT I need to try this soon!)

That’s all I got… till the next month I fall behind friends!








December Ipsy bag

I am a little behind on this post- especially since I have already received my sneak peek at January. So I am getting it done TODAY.  New year so need a clean slate right??

I have already tried one product from my December Ipsy bag and loved it! Here it is…

Skinn Dimitri James Sugar lips polishing scrub for lips. It can be found here: Sugar Lips

Loved it! I can see if you overuse it if you are not careful…. it can make your lips sore so watch out… but it definitely helped clean off the dry skin on my lips. Loved it!

I also got the following and have not used these…

Julie nail color in pin up girl: Julie nail color

Peter Lamas Intensive repair hand cream (which must be good because it is sold out): Peter Lamas

Peony eyeshadow trio in gilded: Peony Eyeshadow

Peony power of love natural lipstick by Pacifica: Peony by Pacifica

This is it for December! Here is wishing everyone all the best in 2016!




October Ipsy glam bag

I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I love the day my glam bag arrives!

And to be honest I haven’t even tried on the products in my September bag. But I can tell you I’m trying this night cream I got back in August tonight, that tells you how far behind I am!

But truthfully, when you gut and redo your bathroom in the course in the summer most of these things get packed away in a box and you forget about them. This is what happened to me. So I will catch up, I promise!

This is what I got…. I have the link to each listed below. And I must note that the fact that I got a pumpkin mask in October probably excites me more than anything 😉

It cosmetics hello lashes It cosmetics at Ulta

Update! I have been using this and think it is kind of “eh”. Don’t hate and don’t love. No clumping but if you prefer thicker mascara that makes your lashes fuller… then this is not for you. 

Meet Matte Hughes Liquid lipstick (I can’t wait to try this one~ it came in the color “committed” which looks very neutral Meet Matte Hughes

Emite professional tweezers (eek!) Emite

Eva-Nyc hair mask Eva-Nyc at Ulta

and the one I am MOST excited about simply because the word pumpkin is in the name…..

Peter Lamas exfoliating pumpkin facial scrub Peter Lamas scrub at Sephora

Update- LOVED this mask! I used it until i could not squeeze out another drop. Fragrant is mild and the mask was awesome in polishing skin. I would buy this again for sure.

I swear I will get to trying some of these things soon I simply forget I have them and like I said this summer we remodeled the bathroom and had all my samples packed away until everything was done. Time to get them all back out.

Have a great weekend! We are in Omaha this weekend for a basketball tournament for Tyler and his traveling team, so it is more bleacher time for this girl.



Fall is here…you can tell by my hair color 😀

Photocredit Quotesgram.com

My hair is finally the auburn and chestnut colors that are the tell-tale hint that fall has arrived. This is… By far… one of my favorite times of the year.

Farmers in the fields, football, crisp air, turning leaves, scarves, boots, apples and pumpkins all signify the change in seasons… And so does my hair color.

  Those who know me know I go pretty blonde in the summer. Yes it takes a lot of bleach but it does accentuate my tan (at least I believe it does). Once that tan is gone, so is the blonde. I LOVE that my stylist is willing to play with color and add the red too.

Plus it helps push me along when I get my Ipsy products and they are all fall based browns as well! Eeek! It all means fall has arrived! If you want to hear more about that click here September Ipsy Bag

Admittedly I change a few things when fall arrives. I love fall decor, so my burlap pumpkins made by my grandma go up, my fall garland and Halloween decorations find their place, my burlap jack-o-lantern table runner goes on my table. Fall candles replace summer scents, even my cooking changes as the season changes. I love the comfort foods of the cooler months. More baking, more soups and stews… I have even made chili already!

What things signify the change in seasons for you? What things change in your home? Work? Beauty routine? How does your cooking change? What traditions do you have?

I am happy to welcome in this change in seasons. The months of October through December are some of the most rewarding to me. The family time the holiday season brings, the smells, the sports, all fill me with a sense of family. I can even admit (secretively) that this time of year I have been known to listen to a Christmas song or two.. I love the memories those songs bring to mind. Don’t call me crazy, just nostalgic!

So here’s to fall scents, fall smells, fall cooking, and fall hair color! Enjoy the season along with me… and savor it before it is gone.

September Ipsy Bag

Better late than never right? It has been such a busy month with football games 3 times a week, full-time work, and trying to keep up with cooking and running around for my now family of FOUR kids plus a husband that I have not had much time to breathe. It’s Sunday and I spent the morning teaching Sunday school for my awesome class of 4th graders, then home for lunch for the fam, then we had our monthly 4H Clover kid meeting so I am finally sitting down to take a breath. Which is crazy because it is already almost 4pm. Paula Deen’s crock pot mac and cheese is in the crockpot, boys are at football, 4H is done and my bathtub is calling my name. But first I NEED to share my products…..
Admittedly, I haven’t tried most of these products yet. So I will have to come back to post reviews later. BUT I am so excited to share my Ipsy glam bag for September! Love the colors… specially since the trend is fall and browns/taupes which is completely me. PLUS my haircolor has been changed to my fall darb browns and reds for fall so this is perfect!

Here is what I got:

*Ipsy NYX 01 3 color shadow palette in No tans allowed – click here IpsyNYX

Update! I have been using this eye color for several months and love it! Stays on, minimal creasing and love the color! 

*Trust fund beauty nail polish is Elegantly Wasted- click here Trust fund beauty

*Eau Thermale Ave’ne Masque- click here Lau Thermale

*JCats Beauty #Makeup of the day Slide on pencil in Bronze- click here Jcat Beauty

I also got a Crown shadow/crease duet brush that I desperately needed as my old one is getting pretty flat. I cannot wait to try these all and get a report back….

So there you have it- my products for the month. Now that my bathtub is calling my name, I think I may slap the mask on and finally get a chance to try some of these out. Has anyone else used these and what did you think? Anyone else have the same in their Ipsy bag?

Have a great rest of your Sunday!