Throwback Thursday photo, Christmas magic

Addie, age 3 looks out at the snow

I LOVE this picture. It was taken in our old house at our acreage in northern Iowa. My then 3-year-old was watching a snow storm outside and I was breaking in my newly purchased DSLR camera. The result was her looking out the window and me capturing the moment for all posterity. I can remember how she was so excited to see the snow. Now that she is almost 8, the magic is not so prominent which makes this picture all the more special to me.

I think of this picture each year as we approach the holidays and remember how special her face was to me. I think it embodies the magic the holiday season brings. I hope I can continue to capture these moments on my childrens faces as they continue to grow. They change so fast.

Happy Throwback Thursday! Tonight I am off to watch another football game for Tyler…. Fall continues to fly by.



Throwback Thursday photo, becoming a nurse

“To do what nobody else will do, in a way that nobody else can do, in spite of all we go through, that is to be a nurse” ~Rawsi Williams

I cannot believe this was close to 20 years ago. Nursing has been such a rewarding profession that the time has flown by. Along the way I have witnessed life’s greatest miracles and life’s toughest losses. I have watched pain, and joy, sorrow and fear. I have seen complete joy at the best moments and anger at the worst. I have held someones hand as they experienced death, and I have held someones hand as they brought new life into this world. I was the “someone” for a patient that had no one, and I was the “someone” for a family who lost their only one. It has been hands down the greatest ride I could have possibly taken in this roller coaster we call life.


I was pinned as an RN in May of 1996. I was 20 years old at that time. In the span of 20 years I have worked in pediatrics, nursery, emergency services, medical surgery, oral surgery, maxillofacial surgery, in a joint unit, as a cardiac rehabilitation nurse and as a school nurse. Each position was unique and rewarding. Each position was one I learned something life changing from. I loved each position in its own way and I feel rewarded for choosing the career I chose.

I decided to post this throwback today in light of all the controversy around nursing lately. Nurses DO unite, nurse DO defend one another and more than any other field, nurses exhibit compassion toward others when others can’t.

So happy throwback Thursday photo! Here’s to nurses everywhere! I am proud to be a part of the greatest profession in the world….

Throwback Thursday photo, Deep Sea Fishing


 I love this picture. Always have….

I love the color of the sun rising, the calmness of the water in the channel before we headed into the gulf. This was taken on our first trip to Florida in 2012. I had booked a deep sea fishing adventure for the boys and I. Turns out I loved it as much as they did!

Nothing major was caught… Small fish called snook, a baby hammerhead shark… But it was fun. And calm. And peaceful. An experience which to me… Is what life is all about. My kids experienced the art of deep sea fishing that day. I experienced it too. I would do it again and again…

Pictures like this remind me to take time to take notice. Of what is around me, to notice our beautiful planet with live on. It reminds me of the joy of experiencing… and living.. LIFE! What a gift, use each day wisely and fully.

Happy Thursday and thank you for walking down memory lane with me again!   

Throwback Photo Thursday, Sweet Liberty

I have set a goal for myself… to share a favorite throwback photo and story every Thursday. Hopefully I can keep up… I think it is so fun to look back at old photos and reminisce about what was going on when you took them.  This photo was taken pretty recently actually. It was one of my favorites from our trip to Naples this past March. We had booked a sunset tour aboard the catamaran the “Sweet Liberty” which left from the Naples city dock. It was a beautiful evening. Winds were calm with just enough push for the sails to go up in the gulf. We watched the sunset, drank wine and had time on the open deck with family. Perfect.

The unique thing about this catamaran is that they allow you to bring Small coolers with beer and wine as well as snacks onto the boat. They do offer drinks for sale on board, but they also allow small coolers which is nice.

I found the whole experience to be relaxing, peaceful and enjoyable by our whole family.

If ever in the area they offer dolphin tours, sunset cruises and manatee sightseeing tours. I encourage you to check them out!

Happy Thursday!